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Fear Itself

Fear itself, the exhibition is coming up! Make sure to check it out in NE Minneapolis on October 7th


Typewriter Acquisition

Typewriter Number Three: an Underwood-Olivetti Lettera 22 (blurry I know)

Upcoming Exhibitions

Yes, yes. More exhibitions! I am going to keep getting work out there as much as I can.

Fear Itself @ Altered Esthetics

Opening Reception: October 7th 7-10pm

Hand Lettered Prospectus @ Abecedarian Gallery

Nov 4- Dec 17th, in Denver, CO

On & Of Paper @ Springfield Art Association Gallery of Art

Oct7 – Nov5th, in Springfield, IL

Opening Reception: Oct 7 5-8pm

Bureau of Artistic Investigation @MCAD’s 148 Gallery

(This is sort of a performance work- really neat stuff check out

Opening Reception October 21st 

Gotta keep the pace up!

New Typewriter

Check out this fancy Remington Noiseless! Some brand new art will be making its way out of these fine typewriters soon. Keep your eyes out!


Re-painting my Corona Typewriter

My fancy re-painting Smith and Cornona Silent Super! Mint green.

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