The new press

I’m pleased to announce that Panthera Press finally has it’s own press. It’s a Chandler & Price 7×11″ Oldstyle and it should be up an running within a few weeks – once new rollers arrive and I can fashion a new feed board for it. Well that and order some great new accessories for it! Hopefully, I don’t go too wild  buying stuff, only time will tell.Image


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One thought on “The new press

  1. tif smith says:

    Hello! Welcome to the world of letterpress! What a lovely machine you picked up. 🙂 My husband and I are printers in Charlottesville, VA … well, we’re on our way to getting started. We have some handmade wooden feedboards for a C&P NS 10×15. I’m not sure if they’d fit your press, but they haven’t had any placement holes drilled in them yet. If you can’t find any used ones or find anyone to make boards that suit your press, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Well, don’t hesitate to get in touch regardless … we love to meet local Virginia printers!

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