Some brand new type!

Some brand new type!

Liberty and Bembo!

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2 thoughts on “Some brand new type!

  1. Jon Drew says:

    Danielle, Really nice press, those 7 x 11 C&Ps are far and few between.
    I buy, sell, & repair/troubleshoot problems on platen press’s and sell letterpress equipment, so if you need someone to ‘dial-it-in’ for you shoot me a call or email. Jon 612-270-6449

    • Man, I was just living in Minneapolis not more than six months ago! Do you know Chip Schilling of Indulgence Press? He was one of my mentors and I got my MFA from MCAD. I’m so excited to get printing once my rollers get back from Ramco. I’ve been buying stuff all over the place and found a place to set up my shop! If you have a use boxcar base (or other) I might be interested. Otherwise I’ll have to wait to get some work going before I know what I really need. Always good to hear from other printers.

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