Adventures in Scoring, Scoring Matrix

So, if you’ve seen my previous posts on scoring you will see how I attempted to create scores with plain photopolymer. Well, I had a job recently that required proper, functional scores and there was no room for bad craftsmanship, so thanks to a friend called Inky and another friend called Paul (Printer’s Helper) I was able to obtain some scoring rule and scoring matrix. Here’s how it went:


1.  First thing – scoring rule is steel not lead and cannot be cut with anything used to cut lead – I had to use a hacksaw to get it to size. Once that was done. I locked it up. Make sure the rounded scoring end is upwards and that the space in between is the correct distance. I also found that you want to make sure the pressure against the rule is even along it’s length, so use furniture that is as long or longer right against it. 



2. Once it’s locked up I popped it in the chase, make sure it’s clear of the pins! I’m using compressible pins, but either way be careful. 



3. Now you will need to determine how to move your pins to ensure you have good line up. In this case, the rule was longer than I needed so I won’t need to move the paper up and down so long as the pins are square. I took a few impressions and adjusted accordingly. After you’ve done that, snap the matrix onto the rule and smooth it on evenly. Image


4. Take the sticker backing off. 



5. Set the press into the print mode and hand crank it until you have deposited the matrix onto the platen. I should mention, be sure you don’t have too much packing – better with less to start than too much.



6. Once that’s on there, you can peel off the plastic guides and reveal the scoring channel.





7. Score away! Here you can see the comparison of a folded score with the matrix and without, proving that more than the rule, that scoring matrix does make a difference.





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