Edge Painting

Edge Painting

We now have a new service at Panthera Press – edge painting! We can custom mix colors for you and even offer metallics and pearlized colors.

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Some brand new type!

Some brand new type!

Liberty and Bembo!

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A digital illustration for a series about cultural naming conventions

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Fear Itself

Fear itself, the exhibition is coming up! Make sure to check it out in NE Minneapolis on October 7th

Typewriter Acquisition

Typewriter Number Three: an Underwood-Olivetti Lettera 22 (blurry I know)

New Typewriter

Check out this fancy Remington Noiseless! Some brand new art will be making its way out of these fine typewriters soon. Keep your eyes out!


Re-painting my Corona Typewriter

My fancy re-painting Smith and Cornona Silent Super! Mint green.

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Dia de los Muertos

A Dia de los Muertos postcard design I’ve submitted to the MCBA (Minnesota Center for the Book Arts) postcard show of the same name.

Multiplicity Print

Labyrinth for your enjoyment.